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Virginia Stone

Virginia Stone

"Non-conforming. Disruptive. Innovative. It is time to Disrupt the Status Quo."

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Taxes, spending & infrastructure

Calgary Smart City

Becoming a leader in sustainable innovation. 

We must focus on conscious innovation, renewable energy and sustainable technology.

I support projects like (i), turning waste to energy, (ii) green rooftops, (iii) vertical farming facilities, (iv) community gardens, and (v) grants and support for innovation and sustainability.

Lower Business Taxes


Businesses have been hit with a 100%-300% tax increase. We MUST lower business taxes. Freezing tax increases is not enough. We must create incentives and grant programs for current businesses and new ones to come. 

Stop Legacy Projects

Council is spending like drunken sailors. They are spending hundreds of millions on legacy projects, with inflated budgets, questionable contracts, and they are all on 3-5 year turnaround schedules. 

By pausing these projects and cutting the fat from the budget, we will be able to cut both business and property taxes, taking some of the burden off of the residents. A freeze as suggested by other candidates, simply isn't enough.

Arts & Culture

Arts and culture are important to our recovery and to the future of our city. They will be a cornerstone to my vision of a modern smart city, focused on sustainability, diversity and innovation.

I will offer city and public spaces to local artists, innovators, and designers to display their work and craft. Calgary can and should be a hub for arts, culture, innovation, and technology. I will work with our local artists and organizations to expand our offerings and exposure within the city and across Canada.


social issues & public policy

Support Police

I completely denounce the 'Defund the Police' movement.

I will support the men and women that work hard everyday to protect us, keep order, and maintain a safe city to live in. The police will be funded and supported if I am elected as Mayor.

Affordable Housing

As Mayor I will bring European-style social housing projects to our city.

We need sustainable, minimalist, affordable communities and social building projects. I will support and incentivize cooperative housing projects. We need to cut the red tape and provide efficient permitting solutions.


climate, energy & Sustainability

Vertical Farming

Food security for all with my Grow Food, Save Alberta initiative. 

I will fund a 7500 sq. ft vertical farming facility that offers year-round fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs delivered weekly to the doors of Calgarians. 

Waste to Energy

We need to clean up this city and our landfill.


It is no longer acceptable or sustainable to continue as we are currently. There is technology that will allow us to convert our garbage into energy, and put it back into our electrical grid. This is an absolute necessity, to building a sustainable future for our city.


I will 'green' the city and bring beautiful nature within reach of all Calgarians. 

I intend to green the downtown core through green rooftops on our buildings and bee projects throughout the city. I will put community gardens within reach of all Calgarians. I will build permanent patios on 17th Ave for all to enjoy. 

Protect the Environment

Under NO circumstances should Calgary parks and green spaces be sold.

I will defend, protect, and bring in new legislation to care for our riparian areas, waterways, flora and fauna.


philosophy & guiding principles

Disrupt the Status Quo

We need to embrace change, and start thinking outside of the box to realize a future that enables all to fly higher.

Back to the Centre

The current linear political scale is dysfunctional, pitting the left against the right, and creating discourse amongst the people.

I am neither left, nor right, or central for that matter. I simply refuse to be placed on a broken scale.

We need to abolish the polarization that politics has created. I see a new future for politics, with a circular system that harmoniously considers all matters of importance and relevance.

Embrace U.N. 17 Goals

My leadership at City Hall will be guided by the noble goals of the United Nations. 

No poverty. Zero hunger. Good health and well-being. Quality education. Gender equality. Clean water and sanitation. Affordable clean energy. Decent work and economic growth. Industry, innovation and infrastructure. Reduced Inequalities. Sustainable city and communities. Responsible consumption and production. Climate action. Life below water. Life on land. Peace, justice and strong institutions. Partnerships for the goals. 

Expand Public Forums

Community members must have their voices heard, and deserve an opportunity to contribute to issues relevant to their tax dollars.

By incorporating the collective effort of our citizens, we can shape a more compelling future for both our communities and city. This type of collaboration is crucial to our success moving forward, and will require a focus on education, communication, and transparency.


Virginia Stone is a serial entrepreneur, artist, best-selling author, innovator, and an Ambassador for the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, and an active member of OneTree Planted, Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society and the Startup Grind. Virginia is neither left nor right in her political views, and believes that the current linear political scale is dysfunctional and that it is time to ‘Disrupt the Status Quo’.

When presented with the choice, skin expert Virginia Stone has always preferred the road less traveled. It is a path that has seen her audaciously challenge the myths, methods, and misinformation promoted by ‘big cosmetics’; one that has garnered her recognition around the world. Virginia’s radically different approach to skin care has been defying expectations and the cosmetics industry establishment for over fifteen years — and has led her to create the revolutionary skin care brand, VIRGINIA STONE.

Prior to launching her new line, Virginia Stone was the president of The SkinGym and co-founder and partner of The Creamery. Virginia has also created exclusive private-label product lines for top spas and hotels, including the Hyatt and Hilton.

As an ardent conservationist, Fairtrade proponent, and human rights advocate, Virginia promotes and champions the very causes that helped fuel her passion to revolutionize the skin care business. She is a supporter of the Tikki Hywood Trust wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe and the Ethandweni Children’s Home, in alliance with The Mother Africa Trust.

Virginia is co-author of “20 Beautiful Women” Africa Edition, a collection of personal short stories from twenty authors, speakers, and life coaches bonding together for the common goal of sisterhood, and to transform women from the inside out.



Founder & CEO (2015 - present)

  • An award winning sustainable luxury brand, offering an innovative and artistically beautiful approach to skin care.
  • See my website

President (2014 - present)

  • Founder & Partner / Master Formulator specializing in Green Chemistry 

President (2010 - 2013)

  • Co-founder & Partner / Master Formulator specializing in Green Chemistry 

President (2001 - 2012)

  • Founder & Partner / Master Formulator specializing in Green Chemistry 

President (2005 - 2010)

  • Founder & Partner / Master Formulator specializing in Green Chemistry 

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