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Virginia Stone

Virginia Stone

"Non-conforming. Disruptive. Innovative. It is time to Disrupt the Status Quo."

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Taxes, spending & infrastructure

Calgary Smart City

Becoming a leader in sustainable innovation. 

We must focus on conscious innovation, renewable energy and sustainable technology.

I support projects like (i), turning waste to energy, (ii) green rooftops, (iii) vertical farming facilities, (iv) community gardens, and (v) grants and support for innovation and sustainability.

Lower Business Taxes


Businesses have been hit with a 100%-300% tax increase. We MUST lower business taxes. Freezing tax increases is not enough. We must create incentives and grant programs for current businesses and new ones to come. 

Stop Legacy Projects

Council is spending like drunken sailors. They are spending hundreds of millions on legacy projects, with inflated budgets, questionable contracts, and they are all on 3-5 year turnaround schedules. 

By pausing these projects and cutting the fat from the budget, we will be able to cut both business and property taxes, taking some of the burden off of the residents. A freeze as suggested by other candidates, simply isn't enough.

Arts & Culture

Arts and culture are important to our recovery and to the future of our city. They will be a cornerstone to my vision of a modern smart city, focused on sustainability, diversity and innovation.

I will offer city and public spaces to local artists, innovators, and designers to display their work and craft. Calgary can and should be a hub for arts, culture, innovation, and technology. I will work with our local artists and organizations to expand our offerings and exposure within the city and across Canada.


social issues & public policy

Support Police

I completely denounce the 'Defund the Police' movement.

I will support the men and women that work hard everyday to protect us, keep order, and maintain a safe city to live in. The police will be funded and supported if I am elected as Mayor.

Affordable Housing

As Mayor I will bring European-style social housing projects to our city.

We need sustainable, minimalist, affordable communities and social building projects. I will support and incentivize cooperative housing projects. We need to cut the red tape and provide efficient permitting solutions.


climate, energy & Sustainability

Vertical Farming

Food security for all with my Grow Food, Save Alberta initiative. 

I will fund a 7500 sq. ft vertical farming facility that offers year-round fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs delivered weekly to the doors of Calgarians.