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Todd Loewen


I am the current Independent MLA for Central Peace-Notley. If elected, I will campaign for the interests of 'blue truck Albertans' in this Government in order to promote grassroot conservatism.

about the candidate

Todd Loewen is running to lead the same United Conservative Party that ousted him last year after clashing with Jason Kenney. 

If elected, the farmer from Valleyview in Northwestern Alberta said he would bring a new leadership style to politics and work to unite Conservative voters. 

“Albertans fully expect us to get back to the fundamentals of good accountable and ethical government. It’s time to get big money influences out of politics. It’s time to build a movement for the little guy,” Loewen said when he launched his leadership bid. 

In line with the politics of his riding, Central Peace – Notley, Loewen is particularly concerned about the government’s COVID restrictions and promises to give rural Albertans more representation at the Legislative Assembly.

Loewen was the first UCP MLA to publicly call for Kenney’s resignation. His concern about Kenney’s leadership first boiled over in April 2021, when he, alongside 17 other UCP backbenchers, signed an open letter to Premier Kenney criticizing  COVID-19 public health measures. Instead, Loewen advocated for a more regional restriction system that would take into account, COVID cases across regions, rather than a central strategy applied province-wide.

While Kenney initially tolerated the dissent, Loewen went further a month later, when he posted an open letter on his Facebook page, accusing Kenney and his government of weak dealings with Ottawa, ignoring caucus members, delivering contradictory messages, and botching critical issues such as negotiations with doctors and controversy over coal mining on the eastern slopes of the Rockies.

In response, Loewen was kicked out of the UCP caucus and continued to represent his riding as an Independent. Following Kenney’s decision to step down as premier, Loewen decided to run for the top job himself.

Loewen’s political career started as a Wildrose candidate for the riding of Grande Prairie-Smoky in both the 2008 and 2012 Alberta general elections, where he finished third and second, respectively. As part of larger Wildrose successes in the 2015 election, Loewen finally won his seat in the same riding, with a 2% vote lead over the NDP candidate, Todd Russell. In the 2019 election, he won his riding of Central Peace – Notley with 75% of the vote. 

Policy cards


Taxes, spending & infrastructure

Economic Reform

An economic plan 'to help the little guy get ahead' 

Todd Loewen promises immediate tax relief to working families, including by re-indexing income tax to inflation and holding the line on debt to 'live within our means'.

Lower Taxes

Todd Loewen promises he will never raise Albertan's taxes, he will reject the proposed Provincial Sales Tax, and he will set the Small Business Tax Rate to 0%. 


social issues & public policy

No policy. 


climate, energy & Sustainability

No policy. 


philosophy & guiding principles

Democratic Reform

Move away from the leader-centric politics of the Kenney era and put Alberta's families and communities back in charge

Todd Loewen promises a series of democratic reforms, including a Reform Act for Alberta that would allow for removal of a political party leader, an Alberta Constitution that would Loewen says would protect the rights and freedoms of citizens from over-reaching governments, and laws against government insiders becoming lobbyists.