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Rebecca Schulz

rebecca schulz

I'm voting to get back on track with true conservative values so we can unleash Alberta's full potential.

about the candidate

Rebecca Schulz, who served as the Minister of Children’s Services under Jason Kenney, said she would unite the party to defeat the NDP if elected leader of the United Conservative Party.

The Calgary – Shaw MLA, who stepped down from cabinet to run in the race, has been in office since 2019. During that time, she helped negotiate the $10-a-day daycare agreement with the federal government. 

Her policy ideas include directing surplus government revenue to long-term savings, paying down debt and taking action on urgent needs like affordability.

Schulz has distanced herself from Kenney, saying she was not part of the inner circle, despite her seat in the Cabinet. 

“It’s time to move past the infighting, chaos, and elites,” Schulz said on her campaign’s web page. “We’ve done many great things as a party and government. But right now, too many see us as entitled, arrogant, and not delivering on the needs of everyday Albertans. We got off track. We need to get back to our conservative roots, respect members, and start delivering.”

A professional communicator, Schulz said Albertans have told her that, in some cases, the way the government relayed information and gathered feedback was more problematic than the decisions themselves. She has promised to campaign in every Albertan constituency as well as meet with every constituency association to address some of these issues. 

Schulz first got involved in politics in 2009, as she worked at the Premier’s Office in Saskatchewan under the Brad Wall-led Progressive Conservative government. After moving to Alberta, she became involved in the conservative movement here, particularly with the Wildrose – Progressive Conservative merger. With a Master of Arts in Communications from John Hopkins University, Schulz is hoping that Albertans see the value in a candidate committed to unity within the conservative movement and vote for her on October 6th

Policy cards


Taxes, spending & infrastructure

Spending the Budget Surplus

Rebecca Schulz promises to allocate any unexpected surplus as 35% to debt retirement, 35% to the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, and 30% to address urgent needs like affordability, capital and contingency. Schulz promises to work aggressively to pay off the debt at every opportunity including by reducing the size and cost of government. 

Healthcare Reforms

Drop management and focus on front-line workers

Rebecca Schulz promises to cut bureaucracy and AHS middle management in the healthcare system and instead increase positions for frontline doctors and nurses. Schulz promises to improve rural healthcare by improving inefficient patient transitions, stabilizing rural emergency care through collaborative ERs, and improving rural emergency response times. 


Plan to address the rising costs of living in Alberta 

Rebecca Schulz promises to increase affordability for Albertans, including by implementing an Alberta Activity Grant that provides families up to $200 per eligible activity, providing a two-year tax holiday for Alberta small business owners, reindexing Alberta's non-refundable tax credit block, and providing relief on utility costs. 

Spending in Education

Rebecca Schulz promises to put students first with more resources for schools and targeted support for children, including by adding at least 3500 more Education Assistants in every region, reducing class sizes, hiring new teachers, and increasing access to mental health resources. 

No Provincial Police Force

Rebecca Schulz vows not to move forward with an Alberta Provincial Police Force at this time, claiming it is not supported by municipalities and is not top of mind for Albertans. Schulz promises to use the $180M to create a Rural Crime Response Unit and support Indigenous community policing.


social issues & public policy

Curriculum Reform

We need to hit stop on curriculum moving forward as we missed the mark

Rebecca Schulz promises to stop the development of Alberta's social studies curriculum, by making all content age and culturally appropriate. Schulz promises to continue teaching kids about agriculture, energy, english, math, and physical education. 


climate, energy & Sustainability

Expand Energy & Pipeline Capacity

We will address requests from industry, stop losing jobs to the United States, and unleash our energy sector’s potential for Albertans

Rebecca Schulz promises to remove the barriers to investing in Alberta upgrades, including by implementing a market-based bitumen structure that Shulz estimates would result in 40,000 new jobs, greater pipeline capacity by 180,000 b/d, and $700 million more in annual government revenue. 

Challenging Federal Energy Laws

Rebecca Schulz promises to continue the fight against the 'Tanker Ban' (Bill C-48), 'Trudeau's No More Pipelines legislation' (Bill C-69), and the federal government's emission and fertilizer caps, while developing criteria for when Alberta can 'turn off the taps'. 


philosophy & guiding principles

Commitment to Party Members

Albertans want a conservative party they can be proud of. Help me get us Back On Track.

Rebecca Schulz commits to unite the Party, including by meeting with every constituency association President and Board, making caucus the main decision-makers, implementing a Cabinet table, and changing the tone of party communications. 

Alberta Autonomy

Equalization, stabilization, control over taxes, and Alberta Pension Plan 

Rebecca Schulz commits to strengthen Alberta's position in Canada with a 100 day 'Provincial Rights Strategy', by presenting to Canada a package of reforms on equalization and fiscal stabilization and pursuing an Alberta Pension Plan, Alberta Employment Insurance Agency, and Alberta Revenue Agency.