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Brian Jean

Brian jean

"I am a current MLA and former MP in the Fort McMurray area who has been involved in both provincial and federal politics for almost two decades now. After the failures of the Kenney government, we must rebuild the UCP brand."

about the candidate

Brian Jean is running for the top job of the party he helped found as the leading anti-Jason Kenney candidate. 

The long-time Albertan politician has been critical of the outgoing Premier for his top-down style, which alienated grassroots members and backbenchers. He has advocated for a more open strategy, with unity as a key message: “I want to unify this team because we have this other team other there (Rachel Notley-led NDP), and remember, that other team, in my opinion, is going to wreck my province that I love so much. They’re going to take Fort McMurray and close it down.”

Jean’s primary policy ideas include opposing a sales tax, fighting for more federal healthcare funding, and working to reduce distribution and transmission charges on Albertans’ power bills. If elected, Jean said he would fight to get a better constitutional deal and fix equalization, but not “ignore” the law, which he says is what one of his top rivals, Danielle Smith, is advocating for. To bring the party together ahead of the anticipated April 2023 general provincial election, Jean would invite other leadership candidates to be in his cabinet. 

After earning a BSc in the United States, Jean attended university in Australia and obtained both a law degree and an MBA. After returning to Canada, he got his Canadian law equivalency at the University of Calgary and practiced law for 11 years in Northern Alberta. 

Jean’s political career started in 2004, when he ran as a federal candidate for the Conservatives, winning in the riding of Athabasca. He was subsequently re-elected in 2006, 2008, and 2011 in the renamed Fort McMurray – Athabasca riding. Instead of retiring as planned, Jean ran provincially in Fort McMurray – Conklin after 11 Wildrose MLAs, including Danielle Smith, crossed the floor to join the ruling Progressive Conservative party. Jean would then take over as Wildrose leader and guided the party to Official Opposition status in the 2015 Alberta election, when the NDP formed government. 

Discussions with Kenney to merge the Wildrose and Conservatives were finalized on July 22, 2017, and resulted in the formation of the UCP. Jean ran in the leadership race, lost to Jason Kenney, and then resigned from the legislature in 2018, while Kenney’s UCP won back government in 2018. 

In November 2021, Jean mounted a political comeback. He challenged the UCP nomination for a by-election victory in Fort McMurray – Lac La Biche. After advocating to remove Kenney from the UCP leadership, he won by a landslide or 68% of the vote.

Policy cards


Taxes, spending & infrastructure

No policy. 


social issues & public policy

No Mandatory Vaccines

 Proposed changes to the Alberta Bill of Rights and Health Professions Act

Brian Jean proposes amending the Alberta Bill of Rights and the Public Health Act to achieve goals such as ensuring Albertans have medical and bodily autonomy and cannot be made subject to medical intervention or mandatory vaccines. 


climate, energy & Sustainability

Demand Energy Autonomy

 Gaining a seat at the negotiating table

Brian Jean would negotiate to have an Alberta representative at international forums including the International Energy Agency, OPEC+, G7, G20, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank. 

Launch Pro-Oil Legal Challenges

Challenge tanker bans, production caps, and emission caps

Brian Jean would launch legal challenges against Bill C-48 (West Coast Tanker Ban), the proposed cap on oil production, and the proposed cap on nitrogen/fertilizer emissions. 


philosophy & guiding principles

Renegotiate the Constitution

Brian Jean would serve legal notice on the federal government and the other provinces that Alberta is invoking Section 46 of the Constitution

Brian Jean would negotiate for constitutional reforms, including ending equalization payments to "have not" provinces, gaining Alberta a seat on the Supreme Court, increasing Alberta's representation in the House and Senate, and protections against interference with Alberta's resources. 

Prohibit WEF Membership

No more interactions with the 'elites from Davos' 

Brian Jean would prohibit municipalities and organizations under provincial government control, including AHS and the Alberta Energy Regulator, from participating with or being members of the World Economic Forum.