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Sunny Singh

Sunny Singh

"I am not a politician, we don’t need any more politicians. We just need ordinary people who care."

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Economy, collection & spending of city revenue

Abolish Senior Property Tax

Sunny supports cancelling property tax for all seniors. 


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My name is Sunny Singh. I would like to share with you my latest news. I am an official candidate for the mayor of Calgary. I am an ex-sheriff, martial artist and an action actor.

​In 2017, I petitioned Mayor Nenshi to bring the World Police and Fire Games to Calgary, which would have brought $10 million to the city for small business. 660 News covered it. City TV and the Metro also covered it. However, Mr. Nenshi completely ignored it.  

As an athlete, I spent my every last penny representing Canada in Taekwondo, without any assistance from the government, as do many Canadian athletes.

Through it all, I learned this:  When you are receiving $200,000 a year, you have little to no incentive to help anyone other than themselves. I am not a politician. We don’t need any more politicians. We just need ordinary people who care.

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