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Shaoli Wang

Shaoli Wang

"Shaoli is running for Calgarians who wants to Lower property tax, Low crime rate, lower city spending for Calgary future. He will renew city of Calgary Advantage, stand up for our Calgarians and build strong & safety city."

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Economy, collection & spending of city revenue

Against the Green Line

Shaoli supports halting further development of the Green Line.

Against the New Arena

Shaoli supports halting development of the new arena. 

Lower Property Taxes

Shaoli supports cutting residential property taxes by 15% by 2023, 23.5% by 2025 from 2019 levels.

Shaoli supports cutting 
non-residential property tax 20% by 2023, 26% by 2025 from 2019 levels.

Support Calgary Police

Shaoli aims to support the Calgary Police Services (CPS) and reduce crime by holding 10% of CPS budget and binding it with the crime rate reversely.

Senior Property Tax Credit

Shaoli aims to implement a Senior Property Tax Credit of $20,000 property value from 2022. 


Stance on trending social issues & public policy



Plan to address climate, energy & resources



Governance philosophy & guiding principles

Reduce Mayor's Pay

Shaoli supports reducing the Mayor’s pay by 20% from 2019 levels. 

“Between 2003 and 2019, Mayor’s pay increased by 83%, 51% higher than inflation, that means 27.9% of Mayor’s pay goes above inflation.”

Cut Public Sector Expenses

Shaoli supports freezing hiring, cutting pay and expenses and shedding overstaffing in the public sector. 

Shaoli projects these cuts will amount to $322 million in savings by 2023, and $454 million by 2025. 


I am a geologist with a master’s degree. Apart from a full-time job as a geologist in Western China, I also ran my own dental clinic. I moved to Calgary in 2007 with my wife and son.

I feel most blessed by life-saving angels.

At 14, I was treated by a veterinarian who cured my medically incurable bone overgrowth caused by tibial plateau fracture, which was disabling me at the time. At age of 16, I went to a petroleum university, but soon found myself suffering severe rheumatoid arthritis in all limbs. A roommate offered a hand and helped cure my medically incurable arthritis within two months. 

At 22, I went to graduate school, when I was diagnosed with severe myocarditis with swollen heart. The most famous cardiologist in Beijing, who was a friend of my professor, gave up upon the first visit, while a classmate provided me with a thin book of Qigong. I was able to surprise my cardiologist and several other of his peers upon revisit. After graduation, I married my primary-to-senior-high-school sweetheart. We used to do homework together at her home. Her brother was my best friend.

I moved to Canada and soon worked as a professional geologist in Calgary. I should say I enjoy the clean air more than my family due to my super sensitive smell.

Years ago, I was rear-ended by a 21-year-old after stopping at a red light that injured my neck, back, and jaw. The injury aggravated slowly over time. Among dozens of my treatment providers, one massage therapist, Mei, offered intense treatment of Guasha, which miraculously improved my chronic pain. While in the YMCA, another young man, Jemmy, encouraged me daily for months to try to headstand for my neck injury. Another miracle happened instantly upon the first try that lowered my severe neck pain and headache. Also in the YMCA, a retired Olympic wrestler, Ari, offered a hand and referred me to his chiropractor, who cured my head muscle pain which had stopped me from driving for years.

You never know you that you are watched and cared for by this many angels. You may not be able to see their wings, but you do see the beauty of the rainbows around them.

When all the chronic pain was under control, I felt an obligation to give back to the society full of angels. In 2019, unable to endorse any parties, I ran in the federal election as an independent in the Calgary Rocky Ridge Riding, to send a voice to cap the ever-rising property tax, to balance the federal budget, and to help our seniors who built this beautiful country for us and our kids. I declined donations from a few and ran the election on my own.

Before 2020, with my sensitive smell, I was able to persuade a few seniors in the gym to stay away from people who carry the flu virus asymptomatically. When Covid-19 scared the world, some of my senior friends took my advice and stayed home weeks before the government took action. Still, I lost my smell after a weird flu in March. The virus did not smell that strong when I encountered it the first time, but it cost me eight months’ smell and shorter breath, which I was able to handle a few months ago.

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