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Should we keep changing our clocks? 

When Calgarians cast their ballots in the municipal election, they will be asked to vote in a provincial referendum on whether to permanently keep daylight saving time (DST).

Alberta switched to DST, which involves moving clocks forward by an hour in the spring and back by an hour in the fall, in a referendum in 1971. But when the province asked Albertans in 2019 in an online survey if they want to stay permanently on summer hours, 91 per cent out of 141,000 of respondents said yes.

Because DST came into effect as a result of a referendum, the Government of Alberta says it’s only fair that another referendum be held to decide on the time change.

The province says more governments across Canada and the United States are bringing forward legislation to stay permanently on daylight saving time, rather than switching time back and forth, which experts say leads to serious health issues like tiredness and depression.

The previous NDP government considered in 2017 whether to stop switching clocks but backed off after an all-party committee opposed the idea. In the past, airlines and NHL hockey teams raised concerns that the switch could put Alberta out of sync with other areas.

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