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Paul Hallelujah

PAUL Hallelujah

"Not a politician by nature, I am running out of necessity with a platform based primarily on medically-contextualized Reform of public offices."

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Economy, collection & spending of city revenue

Abolish All Taxes

Paul advocates for doing away with all forms of taxation, at all levels of government. 


Stance on trending social issues & public policy

Screening for Pedophiles

Paul believes that all public servants should undergo an fMRI to screen for pedophilia. 

“fMRI can help us detect and remove such errors by scanning for common psychoses such as racism, gender discrimination and pedophilia. Should a public servant fail an fMRI test we will offer them retraining in coordination with professional therapists, before considering sending them back out on duty, as a matter of safety.”


Plan to address climate, energy & resources

Meat-Free Calgary

Paul advocates for redesigning Calgary as a modern, healthy cancer- and meat-free zone by applying the best in modern science and medicine. Paul advocates for manufacturing “alt protein”, which could provide jobs to thousands. 


Governance philosophy & guiding principles

Donate his Salary

As part of his “commitment to aid the abused”, Paul pledges to donate 200% of his salary as Mayor to charities to “assist with restoration of wrongs.” 

Finding Alien Life

Paul believes that we should invest in responding to the 14,500 km-wide, Earth-sized, persistent Hexagon on Saturn’s North pole. 

“We are planning to respond to this Primer and build a Beacon.  We believe this project is timely and has the highest potential yield of any in human history. If we can establish Contact we expect long life as well as access to the heavens.”


Hello Calgary! I’d like to introduce myself. I am Paul Hallelujah, raised in Calgary 1971-.  I am running for mayor this year.  My training includes 4 years of Canadian medical school, a Master’s in Theology from the University of Toronto, 2 years of Electrical, Computer & Geological Engineering, a Gold Medal for the top graduating GPA in my BSCH class in Environmental Biology at Queen’s, a semester of Fine Art, a completed UBC Realtor’s course and a handful of Carpentry classes.  I am a Registered Psychotherapist with a focus on Adult Psychoses as per Caraclinics.com.  Currently I also run a bitcoin mining equipment store, Bitsquad.org and a crypto news and price channel at TSports.tv, an Official Theta Network partner.

Calgary and the world are sitting on the dawn of a new day – one where Science can make our communities safer, stronger and more vitally-linked to one another and to a new hope, higher than we envision in our normal day-to-day lives.

Not a politician by nature, I am running out of necessity with a platform based primarily on medically-contextualized Reform of public offices.

Being a Scientist, I feel the office of mayor can help propel some key discoveries we have made this past decade onto both local and global stages for major impact.  It is time for a refocusing and revisiting of our awarenesses and intelligences.

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