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Mizanur Rahman

Mizanur rahman

"We’ve recently seen the world admit that systematic racism exists in our society, including the City Council, Calgary Police Service, and many other Calgary organizations. If I am elected, I will take measures to eliminate this racism."



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Economy, collection & spending of city revenue

Support Calgary Taxis

Mizanur advocates for supporting Calgary’s taxis by changing City Hall’s approach towards Uber. 

“If you pay 1 dollar, 50 cents, it goes to Uber’s pocket. Calgarian’s money is not staying in Calgary. That has to change. If I am elected, I will bring back Calgary Taxi jobs by changing the Uber model. and keep our hard-earned money in Calgary.”

Support the Green Line

Mizanur supports construction of the Green Line.

Support the New Arena

Mizanur supports construction of the new arena. 

Reduce Property Taxes

Mizanur vows to reduce property taxes while keeping all services that Calgarians have come to enjoy. 

Council Tax

Mizanur advocates for introducing a “Council Tax”, where every household will pay its Council Tax regardless of property ownership, and where City Hall will categorize affordable council tax-bands according to family incomes.


Stance on trending social issues & public policy

Systemic Racism

Mizanur believes that racism permeates City Council, the Calgary Police Service and other Calgary Organizations, and vows, if elected, to eliminate this racism. 

“New faces are needed on City Councils that represent the diversity of the population. Society is undergoing a silent change. When the local government fails to adapt or recognize these changes, this can negatively affect the government.”

Against Defunding the Police

Mizanur vows to maintain the Calgary police budget.

“I will not defund the police. Safety and security are of the utmost importance. Any move to defund the police would be for political motivation.”


Plan to address climate, energy & resources



Governance philosophy & guiding principles

Donate Salary to Charity

Mizanur vows to donate 80% of his salary to charity. 

“I am not running for Mayor to make money. I want to serve the City of Calgary.”


Mizanur wants to enact measures to increase transparency at City Hall, such as live-streaming City Council meetings and requiring each Council motion to have 50% public approval.


Term Limits

Mizanur advocates for limiting Council terms to 2 years and for limiting Mayoral and Council terms to a maximum of 2.

Reduce # of Councillors