Calgary 2021 Election

October 18, 2021

mayor of calgary

The Victor

"City Councillor. Mother. Leader. Businessperson. Wife. Citizen. Friend. Daughter. Problem solver. Entrepreneur. Expert in how cities work. Which of these characteristics make Jyoti Gondek the right person to be Calgary’s next mayor? Turns out — all of them."

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Total Votes = 386,985

City council

Calgary's Leadership
Ward 1
Sonya Sharp
Sonya Sharp
Ward 2
Jennifer Wyness
Jennifer Wyness
Ward 3
Jasmine Mian
Jasmine Mian
Ward 4
Sean Chu
Sean Chu
Ward 5
Raj Dhaliwal
Ward 6
Richard Pootmans
Ward 7
Terry Wong
Terry Wong
Ward 8
Courtney Walcott
Courtney Walcott
Ward 9
Gian-Carlo Carra
Gian-Carlo Carra
Ward 10
Andre Chabot
Andre Chabot
Ward 11
Kourtney Branagan
Kourtney Branagan
Ward 12
Evan Spencer
Evan Spencer
Ward 13
Dan McLean
Dan McLean
Ward 14
Peter Demong
Peter Demong

Jyoti's Campaign promises

Hold Me Accountable


Taxes, spending & infrastructure

Build the Green Line

Jyoti supports full construction of the Green Line from North to South. 

"Great cities have great transit. The Green line will revitalize Calgary’s economy and better serve citizens in communities that have been overlooked. Connecting our diverse business districts is good for business. The Green Line will connect 400,000 more Calgarians to the LRT network."

Revitalize Downtown

"Let’s take more chances. Put a rooftop patio on an office building. Encourage live music in atriums. Embrace the placement of an interactive art installation on a train platform. Let’s try the things that we denied ourselves, all in the name of overregulation. Let’s be bold and build our downtown to capture hearts and minds."


social issues & public policy

Affordable Housing

To best serve Calgarians, there should be a concerted shift towards supporting affordability across the housing continuum.

Jyoti supports affordable housing as a priority for City Hall, and encourages mixed tenure housing opportunities, from basic rental and ownership to housing cooperatives and perpetually affordable housing projects.

Indigenous Homelessness

The City of Calgary must better support Indigenous-led efforts to address homelessness.

"Research suggests that approaches informed by Indigenous worldviews, including elder-led service delivery, are most effective at addressing homelessness within these communities."


climate, energy & Sustainability

Net Zero Target

Calgary must become a resilient city by taking bold action that reduces GHG emissions and adapts to our changing climate.

Calgary must work to achieve net zero city-wide GHG emissions by 2050, and net zero GHG emissions from municipally-owned buildings and vehicles by 2035. 

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Jyoti supports investing in 15 to 20 DC Fast Charge stations that most residents can reach within a 10 minute drive. These stations would be capable of charging a vehicle to at least 80% of battery within 15 to 60 minutes, for a total investment cost of $3-8 million.

Energy Transition

Jyoti advocates for large companies to transition toward a more efficient and environmentally-friendly energy future.

Jyoti wants to seek out local business leaders who are actively contributing to this transition and invite them to "act as business-to-business ambassadors on economic development missions that position Calgary as a centre of excellence for the future of energy."

Green Public Fleet

Jyoti advocates for electrifying the municipal fleet of vehicles to meet a more ambitious target of net zero emissions from municipally-owned assets by 2035.

Green Buildings

Jyoti advocates for the use of sustainable building materials and a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program to enable property owners to invest in energy efficiency retrofits of their buildings, reducing demands for energy, assisting with reducing Calgary’s GHG emissions, and lowering energy costs.


philosophy & guiding principles

Fair Deal for Calgary

Jyoti advocates that Calgary should seek a "fair deal" from the province to keep more of its collected property taxes. 

By allowing Calgary to keep a larger percentage of the property taxes that are collected, the provincial government would enable the city to address important infrastructure and operating funding shortfalls.

Cut Red Tape

"We need to get out of our own way as regulators. We should be encouraging pilot projects to see how they will work, rather than denying innovation because it doesn’t fit policy. Remove the fun-sucker conditions that permeate our dated policy documents and let people enjoy the spaces we’re creating. Practice calculated risk mitigation rather than defaulting to risk elimination when considering new ideas."

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