Jordan Wilkie

I will not allow my son to inherit a province that squandered its wealth, strangled its education & healthcare systems and devastated the environment. The Green Party is poised to win ridings in the next election to represent a new age for Alberta.

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Strong Public Services

Strong public healthcare, education, emergency, transportation and social services are the backbone to a healthy and functional society. The GPA will ensure our public services are not only protected but reinforced.

Sustainable Jobs and Economy

We must go beyond the boom and bust economy to create sustainable and secure job opportunities for the future of Albertans. The GPA will add to our existing industries by opening up Alberta's largely untapped renewable energy potential.

Safe and Secure Communities

Wildfire, floods, droughts, crime and lack of medical capacity have put you and your family at risk. The GPA will be the proactive, not reactive voice for Albertan communities to ensure safety from disaster.

Policy Cards

Policy Cards are policies voters want me to pursue if I’m elected. Tell me which policies you support by voting on the Policy Cards.