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Brent Trenholm

Brent Trenholm

Ward 3

"Real change is at the forefront of this election. For lasting change to happen we need to take bold and innovative steps by electing representatives like myself who are responsive and responsible, with the background experience that takes action and creates results."

Policy cards


Economy, collection & spending of city revenue

Attract new business

Brent advocates for focusing on attracting businesses and spending less time “trying to justify decisions.” 

“If people have jobs, businesses and families can survive, and our economy will once again flourish 

Reduce Red tape

Brent advocates for reducing red tape and circular movement between departments and City Hall, to “create the single biggest move to create the largest bang for the buck.” 

Tax Reform

Brent promises to reform taxes by controlling spending and putting an end to building slush funds.

“Taxes are a by-product of misguided priorities and overspending.” 


Stance on trending social issues & public policy




Plan to address climate, energy & resources

Fluoride in the Water

Brent is against putting fluoride in our drinking water.


Governance philosophy & guiding principles

Collaborative Leadership

Brent vows to be accountable to Ward 3, and always be available for phone calls and emails.

“I want to know everyone’s opinion, even non-supporters, as it takes an entire community to create productive and lasting change.”

Term Limits

Brent advocates for a 2-term limit for the Mayor and Councillors.

Compensation review

Brent vows to perform a compensation review for council and administration. 

“There are many people out there that have lost everything. I will move to creating a hiring a wage freeze for all administrators.” 


I would like to introduce myself as your candidate of choice for the upcoming Ward 3 Calgary election. I am running in this election because I am tired of watching as council taxes Calgary residents without mercy, all the while spending like it’s the good old days, then trying to justify their decisions as being fiscally appropriate. We are in tough times, due to COVID restrictions, the collapse of the oil & gas industry due to poor government policy, and the outright devastation of businesses and jobs in Calgary. We need to elect people with real experience who have the ability to actually listen and govern the complexities of city bureaucracies.

I started my career as a journeyman millwright, welder; a blue-collar guy who has become successful in managing up to, and including, $20 million businesses in some of the most challenging environments. This coupled with my political experience, practical fiscal approach, and life experiences makes me the best candidate to serve the residents and business owners of Ward 3. I am a collaborative leader who values all opinions and one who will not stop doing what is needed until your concerns are addressed and/or met. I also believe everyone offers value and the best ideas come from the oddest of places. I am a leader who will provide an actual answer when people ask me a question as I believe people deserve nothing less.

I see myself as an entrepreneur; I am the President of the consulting firm,” Pro-B Management Inc,” author of the book “The Profit Process,” and co-owner of www.KidsThink.ca. With my governance and management experience, I understand budgets and have met payroll at many levels. I have also signed the front of cheques, not just the back of them. After all, the city of Calgary is a corporation and we need experienced, skilled and diverse people like myself who understand how a corporation needs to be governed. As an efficiency expert, I will bring the expertise I have gathered over the past 40 years in both the private and public sectors, into local government.

I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained from working in various industrial sectors as well. I have experienced firsthand the barriers companies and governments face, and what helps them shift out of neutral, and create more constructive thinking patterns that bring more profits and successful ventures. Over the last 20 years, I have successfully developed and implemented numerous systematic plans for fixing processes and procedures, and diagnosing company culture challenges.

Over the last 15 years, I have been managing departments and businesses with functionality problems. I have helped companies increase productivity by creating and implementing operational best practices.  In my book “The Profit Process” I talk about this and how to overcome challenges.

I was born and raised in Campbell River, B.C. I worked at a very large Pulp & Paper mill for 20 years. I was also elected as a City Councillor in the early 90’s. I have called Alberta my home since 1997. I am married and have three wonderful children who have blessed this grandfather with six precious grandchildren. I have a great love for the outdoors and have many hobbies and interests including: hockey, music, camping, scuba diving, and being a very skilled handyman. I am also a certified personal trainer and have spent 12 years in politics.

Education & work experience

Mount Royal University (2000)

  • Personal Fitness Training

President & CEO (2015 - present)

  • We help businesses improve efficiency, create healthier environments and increase profits. I work in a hands-on manner to analyze the systems that make up an organization, talk with management and staff to find gaps, and improve or create processes and structures for your organization.

    A client, a leading international manufacturer of completion screens, was operating at a loss due to productivity, quality control, and employee retention issues. We implemented preventative maintenance best practices, created production targets, and defined employee job descriptions while building an empowerment culture of decision making. We saw significant increases in employee retention and product quality (non-conformance report rate decreased to less than 1%) a drop in operation costs of 70%, and profitability within three months of these changes.

    As an outside consultant to businesses, I am able to ask the tough questions and get to the heart of the issues that are holding your business back from success. The benefit is greater efficiency, productivity and increased profit.

General Manager (2013 - 2015)

  • RGL’s mission is to build value for our customers by understanding their reservoirs and providing the right solutions for long-term performance, through innovation and technology. We are at the leading edge of Sand and Flow Control Technology. My role was to go into the machine shop, improve morale, get control of production practices and lower the non-conformance report (NCR) rate.

    While with RGL I was tasked with improving low production levels. I refined our employee roles and responsibilities to better leverage strengths and created schedules and planning protocols to improve cost and time efficiencies. With these in place, we were able to double our manufacturing levels, lower costs by 30%, and lower NCR rates from 12% to 1.5% (below industry standards).

    My time at RGL allowed me to further understand the impact that unclear goals and objectives can have on an organization, and increase my confidence in my ability to influence positive change.

Operations Manager (2011 - 2013)

  • Castle Metals’ mission was to be the leading distributor of alloy bar for machine shops in Alberta. My role was to run the day to day operations.

    One challenge I took on at Castle Metals was to expand the knowledge base of the production staff. My approach was to cross train employees, understand their skills and abilities and ensure their role suited those attributes. During this time, I was able to complete a positive cultural shift for by facilitating collaboration between departments and team members.

    This role allowed me to improve my ability to identify employee skills and abilities, then empower staff to embrace a working standard by building confidence in themselves and the value of helping others.

Plant Manager (2008 - 2011)

  • Absolute Completion Technologies mission was to bring innovation and excellence to well completion technologies, specialising in sand control solutions. My role was to get control of production practices and the exchange of information between departments and management.

    As plant manager, two challenges I faced were inconsistent productivity levels and high production costs. After spending time on the floor with the staff I created operational procedure protocols that outlined each step within and between departments to ensure jobs were complete, and time and materials were assigned efficiently. As our employees fully understood their responsibilities and the value of sharing information between departments, the culture shifted, turnover rates dropped to less than 1%, operating costs dropped and productivity increased significantly.

    This role showed me the importance of holding firm on the value of effective structures, cross-training and teamwork, which resulted in a more productive and collaborative culture.

Plant Manager (2007 - 2008) 

  • Manufacture service rack and pinion drilling rigs

Product Coordinator - Western Hemisphere Service Manager (2000-2006)

  • Manufacture, sales and service of oil and gas service equipment

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