About Polity


Democracy deserves a better place online, and Polity aims to build it. 

Polity is an independent, non-partisan startup based in Calgary, Alta., that strives to host democratic elections over the internet. 

Polity reduces the barriers to entry to politics by providing a crowdfunding portal where political candidates can raise money, present their ideas, and gain exposure to larger audiences. 

To increase democratic participation, Polity aggregates in one place the information voters need to make an informed decision to vote, donate or volunteer for a particular candidate. 


Julian Dobre
Julian Dobre, JD, MBA

Julian is the Founder of Polity. He is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary, concentrating in corporate law and innovation. He is a current articling student at a legal startup in Alberta that aims to provide legal services over the cloud. 

Julian wrote Polity’s business plan as the capstone project of his MBA at the Haskayne School of Business. He has participated in political elections at all levels of government. 

During his exposure to elections, Julian came to realize that politics can benefit greatly from advances in technology. The impetus for Polity is that political candidates have insufficient tools to differentiate themselves from each other, and the information that voters need to make a decision is too scattered amongst disparate sources. 

Julian aims to solve these problems by carving out an ecosystem for democracy online; a place for politics. 

Steve Blair

Steve is the VP of Marketing at Polity and the Managing Partner at Blair and Co., a marketing agency focused on real estate branding & development. Steve is in charge of sales and marketing at Polity. 

Jesse Lalli

Jesse is a marketing professional and the senior developer on the Polity website. He provides expertise, and technical support on website development as well as marketing efforts.

Advisory Board
Claudia Cattaneo, MA

Claudia is an award winning journalist from some of Canada’s largest newspapers. 

Donna Kennedy-Glans
Donna Kennedy-Glans, QC

Donna is a former MLA, UCP leadership candidate and senior lawyer and certified corporate director. 

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