How UCP Candidates Stand on Abortion in Alberta

On June 24th, Leela Aheer became the first (and only) candidate to directly comment on the US Supreme Court decision, 19-1392 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which allows American states to outlaw abortion. 

While the legal decision has no legal effect on Canadian law, the reaction to the decision has been swift. Most of the rest of the world reacted with shock and disappointment at the ruling, like Prime Minister Trudeau and candidate Leela Aheer, but notably silent, have been the other candidates in the leadership race.

Like most other Western countries, abortion in Canada is legal and is even publicly funded. While access to abortion services varies by region, there are few legal restrictions on the procedure. With the rise of the social conservative movement in the United States, there have been growing calls for restrictions on abortions in Canada. So far, the Liberal government and most Canadians have resisted those calls, as support for abortion rights is well north of 60%.

Here is a list of the candidates and their views on abortion: 

Candidate View on AbortionComments about the Ruling (if any)
Leela AheerPro Choice Called the ruling “an attack on bodily autonomy and warned against dismissing its potential impact north of the border”
Brian JeanNo stanceNo reaction, except re-iteration of the current status of abortion in Canada 
Todd LoewenNo stance
Rajan SawhneyNo stanceStated that “abortion is a federal matter, her government will not make any legislative changes on abortion”
Rebecca SchulzPro LifePromised to protect access to abortion in Alberta
Danielle SmithPro Choice“would amend the Human Rights Act to protect individuals from discrimination for their medical choices or political beliefs”
Travis ToewsPro Life, but will maintain existing access to abortion in Alberta
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