Press Release 1


Calgary, October 4, 2021. — Polity Media Inc., a Calgary-based technology startup, invites Calgarians to be a part of its mission to build a better place for democracy online by sharing their voice on www.polity.vote.

Polity is an independent, non-partisan platform that aims to host democratic elections online, starting with the Calgary Oct. 18 municipal election. Polity reduces the barriers to entry to politics by providing a crowdfunding portal where political candidates can raise money, present their ideas, and gain exposure to larger audiences. To increase voter participation, Polity aggregates in one place the information voters need to make an informed decision to vote, donate or volunteer for a particular candidate. In particular, Polity seeks to increase the participation of millennials by offering a format that is more engaging and attuned to how they consume information.

“It’s too hard to figure out what an election is about because information is fragmented. It’s easier to be uninvolved as a voter and just check a box on election day, without knowing what it means. The candidates act as islands, building their audiences separately and telling their own narratives. It makes a lot more sense to bring all the candidates together, in one place” said Julian Dobre, founder of Polity. “The information sources that are available are polarized and seek to influence the outcome of an election. Polity wants to play a role in elections too, but by increasing political accountability, raising the standards of public policy and making politicians more responsive to voters.”

Julian, 27, is a recent graduate from the JD/MBA program at the University of Calgary, concentrating in corporate law and innovation. Julian wrote Polity’s business plan as the capstone project of his MBA at the Haskayne School of Business. The start-up money for Polity came from Julian’s grandfather after he died of COVID in Italy. “My grandfather loved politics. I wanted to plant a seed with the money and turn it into something meaningful,” Julian said.

This election is pivotal to Calgary’s future. “The Calgary election will be hard fought because the mayor’s seat is vacant for the first time in a decade and 20+ candidates with vastly different priorities are competing to lead us,” Julian said. “The election will set the future direction of the city and its economy. By sharing their voice on the Polity platform, Calgarians can tell our future leaders directly where they stand on issues like the future of the energy sector, property taxes, downtown revitalization, equalization payments and daylight saving.”