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October 6, 2022

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Affordable Housing

Affordability Tops Albertans’ Concerns

With Albertans looking for relief from escalating inflation, United Conservative Party (UCP) leadership candidates have pitched an assortment of remedies to help make life more

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Alberta Sovereignty Act

Danielle Smith thinks we 'need less Ottawa in our lives' 

Danielle smith says: ‘The Federal government has landlocked our resources, destroyed so many livelihoods, and made all the basics we need to live so much more expensive. We need a strong provincial government who will always put Alberta first. That’s why, on day one, I’m introducing the ‘Alberta Sovereignty Act’, authorizing our provincial government to refuse to enforce any federal law or policy that attacks Alberta’s interests or our provincial rights.’

Oppose Alberta Sovereignty

The proposed sovereignty act is an unconstitutional delusion 

Rajan Sawhney rejects the Alberta Sovereignty Act proposed by Danielle Smith and urges Albertans to consider supporting a leadership candidate who can and will call out and stop the 'Sovereignty Act 'delusion'. 

Commitment to Party Members

Albertans want a conservative party they can be proud of. Help me get us Back On Track.

Rebecca Schulz commits to unite the Party, including by meeting with every constituency association President and Board, making caucus the main decision-makers, implementing a Cabinet table, and changing the tone of party communications. 

Prohibit WEF Membership

No more interactions with the 'elites from Davos' 

Brian Jean would prohibit municipalities and organizations under provincial government control, including AHS and the Alberta Energy Regulator, from participating with or being members of the World Economic Forum.  

Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

Rajan Sawhney promises to create a Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs who will also be Deputy Premier, who will be tasked with coordinating investor confidence in Alberta with the Minister of Finance and enhancing Alberta's autonomy within Canada. 

Alberta Autonomy

Equalization, stabilization, control over taxes, and Alberta Pension Plan 

Rebecca Schulz commits to strengthen Alberta's position in Canada with a 100 day 'Provincial Rights Strategy', by presenting to Canada a package of reforms on equalization and fiscal stabilization and pursuing an Alberta Pension Plan, Alberta Employment Insurance Agency, and Alberta Revenue Agency. 

Democratic Reform

Move away from the leader-centric politics of the Kenney era and put Alberta's families and communities back in charge

Todd Loewen promises a series of democratic reforms, including a Reform Act for Alberta that would allow for removal of a political party leader, an Alberta Constitution that would Loewen says would protect the rights and freedoms of citizens from over-reaching governments, and laws against government insiders becoming lobbyists. 

Renegotiate the Constitution

Serve the feds notice that Alberta is invoking Section 46 of the Constitution

Brian Jean would negotiate for constitutional reforms, including ending equalization payments to "have not" provinces, gaining Alberta a seat on the Supreme Court, increasing Alberta's representation in the House and Senate, and protections against interference with Alberta's resources. 

Strengthening Alberta

Equalization, Alberta Pension Plan, provincial police force, and federal government overreach

Travis Toews promises to renegotiate equalization and fiscal stabilization in 2024, lay the groundwork to an Alberta Pension Plan, shift the tax power away from the federal government, defend Alberta's energy, forestry and agriculture sectors, and work towards an Alberta Provincial Police Service.


Taxes, spending & infrastructure

Affordability Cheques

Rajan Sawhney proposes sending Albertans monthly Affordability Cheques of $75 plus an additional $25 per child, which Sawhney predicts would raise incomes for lower-income families by as much as 6% at a cost of $225M per month. 


Plan to address the rising costs of living in Alberta 

Travis Toews promises to make Albertan's lives more affordable, including by making the 13 cents per litre provincial fuel tax and natural gas price cap permanent, maintaining the electricity rebate plan, instructing regulators to make generation more efficient, fighting Trudeau's 'aggressive and unaffordable green agenda', and introducing a $2,000 tax credit for each child in a household. 


Plan to address the rising costs of living in Alberta 

Rebecca Schulz promises to increase affordability for Albertans, including by implementing an Alberta Activity Grant that provides families up to $200 per eligible activity, providing a two-year tax holiday for Alberta small business owners, reindexing Alberta's non-refundable tax credit block, and providing relief on utility costs. 

Economic Reform

An economic plan 'to help the little guy get ahead' 

Todd Loewen promises immediate tax relief to working families, including by re-indexing income tax to inflation and holding the line on debt to 'live within our means'.

Healthcare Reforms

Drop management and focus on front-line workers

Rebecca Schulz promises to cut bureaucracy and AHS middle management in the healthcare system and instead increase positions for frontline doctors and nurses. Schulz promises to improve rural healthcare by improving inefficient patient transitions, stabilizing rural emergency care through collaborative ERs, and improving rural emergency response times. 

Increased Health Coverage

Danielle Smith would increase health spending 

Danielle Smith promises to provide every Albertan with a 'Health Spending Account', to use for health expenses not covered by Alberta Health Insurance. She says families can use these accounts to visit a dentist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, counsellor, or other needed health professional. Starting this October, Smith vows to invest $300 in each Health Spending Account, and incentivize employers to contribute too. 

Stronger Healthcare

Plan to reform our healthcare system, which was 'on the brink of collapse'

Travis Toews promises to strengthen Alberta's healthcare, including by decentralizing the decision-making power in the AHS, protecting Albertan's healthcare rights to mirror Manitoba's Bill 34, expanding capacity across the system, particularly in ICUs and ambulance services, and revitalizing rural healthcare with a $50M fund. 

Spending in Education

Rebecca Schulz promises to put students first with more resources for schools and targeted support for children, including by adding at least 3500 more Education Assistants in every region, reducing class sizes, hiring new teachers, and increasing access to mental health resources. 

No Provincial Police Force

Rebecca Schulz vows not to move forward with an Alberta Provincial Police Force at this time, claiming it is not supported by municipalities and is not top of mind for Albertans. Schulz promises to use the $180M to create a Rural Crime Response Unit and support Indigenous community policing.

Lower Taxes

Todd Loewen promises he will never raise Albertan's taxes, he will reject the proposed Provincial Sales Tax, and he will set the Small Business Tax Rate to 0%. 

Fighting Inflation

Albertans need relief. Here's how I would fight inflation

Rajan Sawhney promises to reindex tax items to address affordability for low-income Albertans, Albertans on disability, and Alberta seniors, which Sawhney predicts would cost up to $232M. Sawhney pledges further support to all taxpayers by reindexing basic personal amounts, spousal amounts, medical allowances and other credits in the tax system, which Sawhney predicts could cost up to $496M.

Spending the Budget Surplus

Rebecca Schulz promises to allocate any unexpected surplus as 35% to debt retirement, 35% to the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, and 30% to address urgent needs like affordability, capital and contingency. Schulz promises to work aggressively to pay off the debt at every opportunity including by reducing the size and cost of government. 

Support Alberta Farmers

Making it easier to be a farmer and access global markets

Travis Toews promises to assist Alberta's farmers, including by introducing a non-refundable 12% tax for capital investments for agriculture and food processing, making it easier to get a Class 1 driver's license, encouraging nitrogen production, and challenging regulations that affect Alberta's global market access for agricultural products. 

Infrastructure for Farmers

Unleash economic potential and create another agri-food corridor

Rajan Sawhney promises infrastructure to help farmers access their markets, including by twinning Highway 3 from east to west and creating a connector with Highway 686.


social issues & public policy

Curriculum Reform

We need to hit stop on curriculum moving forward as we missed the mark

Rebecca Schulz promises to stop the development of Alberta's social studies curriculum, by making all content age and culturally appropriate. Schulz promises to continue teaching kids about agriculture, energy, english, math, and physical education. 

Educational Reform

Ensure a strong, fact-based curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, and core competencies

Travis Toews promises change to education, including by prioritizing numeracy, literacy, and facts, not 'fads', focusing on science, technology, engineering, and trades, and enhancing financial, historical, and energy literacy for kids. 

No Mandatory Vaccines

 Proposed changes to the Alberta Bill of Rights and Health Professions Act

Brian Jean proposes amending the Alberta Bill of Rights and the Public Health Act to achieve goals such as ensuring Albertans have medical and bodily autonomy and cannot be made subject to medical intervention or mandatory vaccines. 

Gender Equity

When it comes to gender equity we have a long way to go on many measures

Rajan Sawhney promises to address women's equity challenges, including tracking progress on gender equity measures, promoting financing women-led startups, ensuring training opportunities for women, and creating a cross-ministry plan to reduce gender-based violence. 


Fighting 'Trudeau's censorship bill'

Danielle Smith would work with Internet Service Providers to ensure the censorship law [Bill C-11] is not enforced in Alberta, promising that Albertans will be free to express their views without fear of reprisal from the government. 

Medical Freedom

A Danielle Smith Government promises that Alberta will never lock down again

Danielle Smith promises that  our kids will stay in school, our businesses will remain open, and Albertans will be able to travel, gather with loved ones, and worship as we choose. Smith promises to amend the Alberta Human Rights Act, so no one can be discriminated against for their personal or political beliefs, or the medical decisions they make for themselves or their children. She promises that if Ottawa attacks Alberta's charter rights and freedoms again, the Provincial Government will not enforce those policies in Alberta.


climate, energy & Sustainability

Challenging Federal Energy Laws

Rebecca Schulz promises to continue the fight against the 'Tanker Ban' (Bill C-48), 'Trudeau's No More Pipelines legislation' (Bill C-69), and the federal government's emission and fertilizer caps, while developing criteria for when Alberta can 'turn off the taps'. 

Modernizing Coal Policy

Upholding the Lougheed Legacy by implementing all recommendations of the Coal Policy Committee

Rajan Sawhney promises to implement all recommendations of the Coal Policy Comittee, including only allowing coal exploration on approved lands, considering the cumulative effects of future developments, continuing the halt on coal activity in Category 2 lands, and pausing exploration in Category 3 and 4 lands until a subregional plan has been completed. 

Defend Alberta's Resource Sectors

Protect Alberta energy, forestry, and agriculture

Travis Toews promises to pass legislation so that when Ottawa attacks Alberta's economy, Alberta has a suite of targeted levies on goods and contracts to apply and escalate as needed, and to defend the ongoing legal challenge against Bill C-69, the "no more pipelines act".

Launch Pro-Oil Legal Challenges

Challenge tanker bans, production caps, and emission caps

Brian Jean would launch legal challenges against Bill C-48 (West Coast Tanker Ban), the proposed cap on oil production, and the proposed cap on nitrogen/fertilizer emissions. 

Expand Energy & Pipeline Capacity

We will address requests from industry, stop losing jobs to the United States, and unleash our energy sector’s potential for Albertans

Rebecca Schulz promises to remove the barriers to investing in Alberta upgrades, including by implementing a market-based bitumen structure that Shulz estimates would result in 40,000 new jobs, greater pipeline capacity by 180,000 b/d, and $700 million more in annual government revenue. 

Expand Energy Economy

Alberta needs to address the future of energy in Canada

Rajan Sawhney promises to expand and diversify Alberta energy, including by designing programs to create investments in carbon capture and utilizing waste carbon, increasing storage capacity and strategic reserves, establishing an Alberta Energy Framework Cabinet Committee to work with industry to deploy new clean technologies, and attracting investment into hydrogen. 

Demand Energy Autonomy

 Gaining a seat at the negotiating table

Brian Jean would negotiate to have an Alberta representative at international forums including the International Energy Agency, OPEC+, G7, G20, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank. 

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